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After a decade of a successful career as an in-demand string arranger & side woman, Shaina Evoniuk (pronounced SHAY-nuh EH-vuh-nick) is stepping out as a solo artist, composer & band leader with the release of her debut album, Hitwoman Honey.

A virtuosic tour de force that listens like embarking on a week in the life of Shaina E, this album is experienced through a uniquely diverse tapestry of musical moods and genres.  Like a roller coaster ride filled with emotion and fervor, at times the listener is taken to exhilarating heights of intense, power-filled sounds, then gently cradled into the safety of her thoughtfully melodic and soothing strings. 

With a cadre of exceptional Bay Area artists, some tracks experiment and play, while others soar and explode with Shaina's creative passion and verve: symbolic of the day in/day out bustle of life, especially for a young urban woman.

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music grad led her band, Cosa Nostra Strings, who is heavily featured on Hitwoman Honey in a successful 2017 season with highlighted performances at SFJAZZ - where they were named a young band to look out for and Shaina was listed as a notable female composer - Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Yoshis, UnderCover Presents, The Soiled Dove & Point Richmond Jazz Festival. Shaina's string section & writing has most recently been featured in collaborations with Blackalicious, Beats Antique, William Close, Leon Bridges, Grouch & Eli, Lyrics Born, Lilan Kane, Femme Deadly Venom & Zion-I to name a few.

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"Sometimes it snows in april" - prince, adapted & performed by shaina E

"core knot" - shaina e, performed by cosa nostra strings

"Ex-Factor" - lauryn hill, arranged by shaina e, performed by cosa nostra strings with lilan kane & Infinite

"kankles" - Adam theis, with soloist shaina e

What people are saying . . .

"A musical feast... every song is a keeper... Evoniuk's violin is in full bloom!"
-Linda Lucero, Executive/Artistic director Yerba Buena Gardens Festival 
"I knew Shaina was a fire-ball performer, a consummate professional and engaging artist so it didn't surprise me at all that she produced a great album of her work. The writing, arranging, production, and performance is excellent and really is a work of art. It defies generalizations and I would never even begin to compare it to anyone's work. It's a testament to her drive for authenticity and creativity."
-Natasha Miller, founder of Poignant Records & Entire Productions 
"Congratulations to Shaina Evoniuk, stepping out on her own with her swinging, satisfying, saucy violin romp thru the musical universe.  Freewheeling and yet precise, smooth and yet full of fire, the Hitwoman Honey does that thing with her violin and takes no prisoners... Shaina is that brand of fiercely independent and original, artist, athlete, activist, collaborator & innovator that makes The Bay what it is.  Don't sleep, if you do, Shaina will wake you up!"
-Rickey Vincent, author, historian & KPFA radio host

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