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Cosa Nostra Strings X Lil Buck X Jon Boogz in Mexico

Cosa just returned home from a wonderful week in Guadalajara Mexico. We were brought out to perform a collab with [my new favorite dancers on the planet] Jon Boogz & Lil Buck. The event itself was so beautiful, with the mission of making ballet - and art in general - accessible to everybody and truly celebrating it. And that they did. You can read more about the amazing event and people behind it here in Pointe Magazine. 10,000 people packed into the Auditorio Telemex for the gala performance and it was literally goose bumps for three and a half solid hours.

Performing with Lil Buck & Jon Boogz was dreamy. These folks are really changing the world with their art and it was powerful to be a small part of that. The stunning music composed by Jason Yang was so fun for me to orchestrate and play with Cosa Nostra. Below is a little montage of our performance, which opened the show and was followed by the top ballet dancers from around the world! Thank you Despertares, Jon, Buck, and Sozo for such a memorable experience working together!

Enjoy the full performance below

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