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Props from Venus Williams

Updated: May 18, 2020

Last Monday & Tuesday I had the extreme pleasure of performing solo at the Professional Business Women of California's 27th annual conference in San Francisco (check them out here!). Before I launch into my silly story, I have to say that it was so awesome performing for 6,000 of California's female movers and shakers. I felt extra proud to be standing there playing my heart out, and just knowing that many of these women have overcome adversity to get where they are made getting up at 5am to start performing at 7am (yuck!) bareable! 

Anyway, on Monday night I played one long set, took a break, and as I was walking back to the stage to play my final set of the evening, I heard somebody calling out down the otherwise empty hall at Moscone. "Oh my gosh! You're the violinist! You were amazing! I couldnt stop dancing!..." I realized this nice lady was talking to me (the only other person in the hallway), so I looked up smiling and thanked her. But when I looked up, I had to keep looking up because this sweet woman was towering above me. By the time my eyes got to her beaming face I realized that it was, undoubtedly, the one and only, Venus Williams - one of the greatest female stars of our time, who was giving a keynote presentation at the conference the following morning. Wow. I honestly dont remember exactly what happened for the next minute because I was sooo star struck! I am a big dork. But she was so complimentary, humbled, and ever so sweet to me, and I just couldnt wait to call my tennis-adoring Grandmother to tell her the story (see, the violin lessons paid off Gramma!). Thank you Venus for being such a role model to me growing up, and continuing to be as a strong forward-thinking, entrepreneurial woman navigating this crazy world! You made a my day (year???) with your compliments. I am extraordinarily grateful to get to do what I do; to love it; and to be able to be in a giant room filled with incredible women who are changing the world, and get them to smile and dance with my music. 

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