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Updated: May 18, 2020

A crazy thing just happened (well a few weeks ago... Im just catching up): a song I played on won a GRAMMY! Real deal!

The 2019 GRAMMY for Best Traditional R&B Performance went to Leon Bridges Bet Ain't Worth The Hand. Performers: Leon Bridges, Ben Schwier, Nate Mercereau, Steve Wyreman, and Shaina Evoniuk <-- ME!

Andrew Gilbert wrote about it in a piece that came out and since he's so much better with words, Ill let him...

"Raiding the refrigerator at 1 a.m. after getting home late from a gig last December, Oakland violinist Shaina Evoniuk remembered to take a look at the newly released Grammy Award nominations. She probably should have waited until she finished eating.

I almost choked when I saw we were nominated twice,” she says, the “we” in question including R&B vocalist Leon Bridges, who earned nominations for his album “Coming Home” and the song “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand,” which ended up winning the Grammy for best traditional R&B performance.

Flowing with a steady thrum behind his vocals, Evoniuk’s string work gives the song its melancholy shimmer..."

It's an complete honor and Im still pretty blown away. Please enjoy this lovely GRAMMY winning music:

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