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Shaina E on KPFA History of Funk

Author, DJ, activist & superhero Rickey Vincent put one of my originals from Hitwoman Honey on his Funky Women playlist last night on his famed KPFA show "The History of Funk". I had a nice afternoon listening to the show today. All the good vibes! Its an honor to be in there with Sheila E and Sharon Jones... Next time you need a pick me up, check out this awesome show!

Rickey also blessed me with this awesome quote about my album. Thanks Rickey!

"Congratulations to Shaina Evoniuk, stepping out on her own with her swinging, satisfying, saucy violin romp thru the musical universe.  Freewheeling and yet precise, smooth and yet full of fire, the Hitwoman Honey does that thing with her violin and takes no prisoners.

Many of us have seen Shaina E. in collaborations with artists of all genres and with her multitalented finance, Jazz Mafia partner & SFJAZZ resident bandleader Adam Theis.   It might be a thing for the lazy fan to see and hear Shaina as a sidebar to the main attraction, well those days are so over!

For super-talents like Shaina, it is still an upward climb to be recognized as more than that hot chick with the violin at the side of the stage.  This is so necessary: for a woman with such musical talents, physical gifts, and strong social justice commitments, to be known as the three dimensional badass visionary woman that she is.  Finally the time is right.

Most definitely a hit-woman, she can hit you from all directions.  Shaina is that brand of fiercely independent and original, artist, athlete, activist, collaborator & innovator that makes The Bay what it is.  Don't sleep, if you do, Shaina will wake you up!"

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