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Alcatraz Swim for Charity

June 21, 2016




Well here goes. In the past few years I've lost two grandparents and one dear uncle, all of whom dedicated their lives to helping people. Their generosity, kindness and sympathetic way of life left a very strong mark on me, and a desire to carry on in their wake. As I rounded the corner on 30 this year, I feel my life is less about me and more about what I can do for the rest of the world, and I do not do enough. 

In a time in which there are so many victims of violence, mental illness, war, and so may other afflictions, its all too easy to feel helpless. Its too easy to feel like nothing I can do will make a difference; its too easy to be paralyzed by overwhelming need everywhere I turn. But allowing that thought process will only breed more stagnation. So Im starting somewhere small, but at least Im starting.

On August 13th I will swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco with the Sharkfest race. My intention is to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally while raising funds to help people that are challenged in those ways on a daily basis to simply survive and see another day. Taking myself out of my comfort zone (and fighting sharks and stuff) - doing something - to give back. If you feel inspired and have any extra to share (even a buck or two), 100% of all donations will be going to help:

LOCALLY: my favorite nonprofit, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, founded by the inimitable Van Jones 


GLOBALLY: Hand to Hand In Syria,  an incredible organization of Syrians living in the UK, who distribute medical & humanitarian aid to 90% of Syria, including besieged areas, and behind front lines.

Thank you for joining me in making our world a little brighter, my friends. And join me in the water next time, hmmmm??!



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