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Refuge: A Ballad for the Renting Class needs your support

October 24, 2016

By official record, 8,600 households across San Francisco received formal eviction notices over the past 5 years at a rate higher than seen in over a decade. My partner who is also a musician - and has lead San Francisco's musical collective the Jazz Mafia for over 15 years - and I were two of these people pushed out. While we are happily settled in our new home in Oakland, there is a large problem of affordability that needs to continue being discussed. As a means of both advocacy and validation, my dear friend and colleague Danielle "Sandia" Sexton aka Circo Dia is creating an aerial dance piece for which I am composing the score. We aim to bring attention to the psychological repercussions of losing a home while addressing the need to shelter our city’s most vulnerable citizens.


If you are interested (& able) in doing something to support the arts in our dear city, please consider buying your ticket early via our indiegogo campaign here. Or you can grab one of these rad shirts that Courtney D Sexton has designed, take an aerial dance class, or get a video of the show. Buying these things now supports us to make this the best show it can be. Plus, I believe early community support - the same amount you'd pay later, just NOW - is the future of keeping art funded & flourishing!


Your contributions will help to pay for final production costs and help bring this conversation to the stage and greater community. See you the first weekend of December for the performances!







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