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New Aerial Violin Reel

February 22, 2018

My journey to become an aerial violinist started a looooong time ago. My mom was a ballerina and as a child I was in my first dance classes at age 4 (maybe even earlier?). I danced and did gymnastic alongside violin until they became so time intensive that I had to make a choice between dance or violin. Then gym or violin. I chose violin. You see, to me, music is everything; its the entire universe and beyond, felt and heard in each cell of our bodies and echoing out to the corners of the multiverse. But I have always searched for its physical, visual counterpart. Mostly, just to feel complete within my own body I think. In high school I began intensive yoga studies and actually went to yoga school and acquired my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate after I graduated from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I spent many years practicing and teaching yoga... until music took over again. Six years ago when I unexpectedly came home from a many-month international tour a month early and had a bunch of time on my hands, I decided to start taking aerial lessons. It was just for fun and just for me. Something I could enjoy and never have to perform. In it though, I discovered something amazing: music's physical and visual representation, unbound by gravity or [seemingly] physics! Anything was possible! The literal and figurative heights I could reach when showing music was limitless. Finally. Naturally I wondered if I could combine it with violin playing. A few cardboard box violins later, I was figuring it out. Before too long I started getting calls for gigs (apparently there arent too many aerial violinists in the world). I was hesitant at first since this was something I had intended to enjoy and not perform, but it seemed like the world wanted it. Now I love seeing people smile in awe as I hang above the playing. Here is a little video I made of my favorite recent aerial violin moments.




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