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Cosa Nostra Strings X Lil Buck X Jon Boogz

October 22, 2019

Early this summer Cosa Nostra got a call to travel to Guadalajara Mexico to perform with dancers Lil Buck & Jon Boogz (if you don’t know them, look them up right now). Needless to say, we were in. Despertares International Ballet Gala ended up being one of the most amazing weeks we have had all year! The Hernandez family who are local to Guadalajara have two songs who are principle dancers with London & SF Ballet respectively. Emilia their sister runs the organization they started, called Soul Arts Productions, and they put on this incredible gala annually. The purpose is to expose the people of Mexico to ballet, so they fly in the best dancers from all over the world who perform in a 9000 seat auditorium for the locals. What a show it was! We were lucky enough to be one of only two musical ensembles featured in the concert. I arranged Jason Yang’s beautiful song “Transcendence” for Cosa, and we accompanied Buck & Boogz in a 10 minute long excerpt from their show. The piece is all about being separated by borders & walls... not being able to connect... what happens to the soul... and how important connectivity and freedom is: a very potent and powerful way to open up the show. We had the best time collaborating with these insanely genius movement artists and loved every moment of being in Guadalajara. Thank you to Isaac, Emilia and Esteban and the whole Hernandez family for treating us so well and for the incredible work you do! Fingers crossed we get to do it again next year!


Please enjoy a video of our full performance...




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