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Go eco this holiday season!

December 2, 2019

Calling all my fellow performers & holiday gift buyers!

Let’s talk about glitter! It’s our favorite thing in the world & it’s also unfortunately a micro plastic.

Not only does it wash off our faces after our gigs & go straight in the ocean (where little fish eat it, then bigger fish eat them, and then we eat those fish)... but it’s also a sponge for other chemicals already out there. The toxic chemicals in our waterways make it up the food chain on the backs of our discarded glittery micro plastics, murdering other marine life in the process. And do we really want to be dousing our faces with plastic every night?

Thankfully there is a new company I have vetted (& love!!!) making Bio Glitter that is beautiful. Today Glitter is revolutionizing glitter with a completely biodegradable product made of eucalyptus. Plus they are gorgeous, affordable and each color comes in 4 different sizes.

Click here and join me in shining like the star that you are without the guilt of damaging our bodies & our environment just for a lil shine... because you can have it all! 

The Today Glitter website also currently features one of the looks I created using their gorgeous glitter, and explains how I achieved it. Check it out!



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