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Shaina is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, who trained at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, CA. She specializes in yoga for musicians, and taught classes for many years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Her mission is to provide potent & personalized yoga for her clients, taking into consideration exactly where they are each day in body, mind, spirit, and in life. Click here to inquire about personalized one on one classes (both virtual and in person), and group options.


Click here to purchase guided meditations by Alice Moore with music by Shaina E. This set of three audio tracks (approximately five minutes each) include a meditation on Grounding, Awakening and Releasing.

Current Classes.

MONDAY 8:30am PST: This is an all levels vinyasa flow class on zoom. Click here to send a message requesting the link. Pay want you want.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Currently accepting new virtual private clients. Send a message to set up a consultation.

From personal experience, I can tell you that working with Shaina on your balance, strength, flexibility and state of mind will be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself. I can't recommend it enough!

-Jamie, Oakland CA

We are so fortunate to take yoga classes with Shaina! She is a brilliant instructor, full of vigor, knowledge and inspiration, and she brings her bright spirit and talent to everything and anything she does. Her classes fill us with joy and leave us charged with positive energy for the rest of day. Shaina’s encouragement and lively sense of humor foster confidence, positive body image and freedom of imagination in our 8 years old daughter. I am in awe of how easily Shaina achieves such amazing results with her, all while making our daughter believe that she is simply... entertained! I would highly recommend Shaina as a wonderful yoga teacher to adults and kids of all ages alike.

-Polina, Oakland CA

Shaina's approach is grounded in a strong knowledge of vinyasa yoga while also being incredibly creative and improvisatory. Her teaching is tailored to the individuals taking her classes, and especially suited to the specific needs of musicians. She offers pay what you can classes for all levels, small group classes, individual sessions, and even teaches yoga for kids (one of my favorite new yoga poses is inspired by one of her kid students!)


- Antonia, Richmond VA

Shaina's yoga sessions are a powerful balance of relaxation and strengthening the body. She lovingly pushes my learning edge in ways I would not achieve on my own. Her knowledge of the body and personal dedication to her own yoga practice make her sessions informative and inspiring. She cares about her clients and mindfully crafts each session to fit our needs. I highly recommend Shaina as a teacher and mentor.

-Alice, Oakland CA

Shaina is not only a gifted violinist but a fantastic yoga teacher as well. Her classes are inspiring, fun, thoughtful and real. She has helped me to get back into shape after an unusually sedentary summer. Thanks, Shaina!


- Juliette, Philadelphia PA

Strong, empathic, energetic, magnetic, decisive, and clear. That’s how Shaina E shows up, and so does this yoga class, in a nutshell. Shaina’s ability to read the (Zoom) room makes me forget that we’re not in the same studio!


- Kate, San Leandro CA

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